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What is Flisrand Consulting?

Flisrand Consulting connects people, places and ideas through smart process.

Smart process begins by working with you to clarify the project goal, define the steps to achieve it, and make it happen.  We connect your goals to our expertise in engagement and collaborative coordination. One of our key strategies is network weaving, the practice of intentionally building effective relationships around a common issue area.

The result may be a well-facilitated meeting, workshop, event, or initiative.  The process may lead to a written product like a white paper, handbook, or summary of best practices.  It may simply be a review of your company’s plan to increase cycling and transit commuting by your employees, or marketing materials that earn your company credit for the sustainability work you do.


An Incredible Invitation

Speaking at Luther CollegeI was invited to my undergraduate alma mater, Luther College, for a one-week residency as a Vocation Visitor. I was on campus April 10-16, 2011. While on campus I gave this talk, spoke in 12 classes, and met with several student clubs, individual students, faculty and staff.

The Luxury of Limited Means: The Freedom to Choose Your Own Route

It’s easy to get sucked into a life to eventually discover yourself on a path you may not want to be on – with responsibilities that make it seem impossible to change directions.

I feel lucky. When I graduated from Luther I headed off to Africa for a job and adventures I couldn’t predict. In a sense, that gave me a couple years to punt on growing up until I was grown-up enough to realize that I wanted to choose my future, not fall into it. I was also unsure enough about what I wanted that I hedged my bets. 18 years later, my life is one of responsibility, meaningful work, and rootedness. I also have the same feeling of freedom and opportunity as when headed for what was then Zaire.

I share stories of:

  • how living overseas and my time at Luther shaped my view of the world,
  • the atypical ways I approach daily logistics like paying the bills,
  • how an intentional choice to limit my means has resulted in freedom (financial and otherwise), and
  • of the ways I have been able to align my values, life, living situation, and work.

I also share some ideas people can use to get started if they want to choose – to design – their own route through life. Even if it already seems impossible to change directions.  (Audio after the break.) read more »