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Green Building

Translating “Expert” into “Homeowner”

After a year of plugging away at an ambitious project, the Green Remodeling Home Guide is live!

My task was as expert content adviser to the team, as well as making sure we presented the “whole-building approach” and green building jargon into something accessible to the non-expert homeowner.

Green Remodeling Home Guide

Green Remodeling Plan Book homepage

We had a fantastic team, including intern Jodi Wilson who drafted the bulk of the content, Roseville HRA Housing Program Manager Jeanne Kelsey, and website designer/visionary George Hornik.

Specific content experts also weighed in on our details – Karen Filloon of Southview Design, Pat Huelman from the U of M, Cindy Ojczyk of More than a Beautiful Home, Becky Olson president of MBPA, Tom Sagstetter, and Billy Weber.

What do you think about the site?


A Facilitator’s Test

This month, I’ve been trying to figure out how to help colleagues take advantage of people who want to help out.  Basically, helping busy people get the help they want and need.  This is my daily task as the manager of a collaboration and meeting facilitator.  As of a couple weeks ago, I’ve volunteered to do it for volunteers, too.

I’m fairly involved in the one-year-old Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.  One of our main goals is to build our membership, our political clout, our base – and get more volunteers involved so we can get more done.  We want to build an organization that looks like this:

Engagement Pyramid from Groundwire

Engagement Pyramid from Groundwire

For our many successes in year one, on this front we’ve struggled.  read more »