Flisrand Consulting connects people, places and ideas through smart process.

Smart process begins by working with you to clarify the project goal, define the steps to achieve it, and make it happen. We connect your goals to our expertise in engagement and collaborative coordination. One of our key strategies is network weaving, the practice of intentionally building effective relationships around a common issue area.

Event Design for Collaboration and Network Weaving

Use convenings strategically to achieve your vision, build capacity, and strengthen your network. The planning, event, and follow-up are opportunities to engage stakeholders. Learn together, strengthen relationships, gather collective wisdom, support and cultivate emerging leaders, practice network values and habits, and foster ownership of your collective work. I help design and support the process, and I translate stakeholder input into an engaging meeting.

Effective Network/Collaboration Planning

Design the activities and decision-making (governance) of your collaboration to do more. A single well-designed activity can drive action, build ownership, capture evaluation data, and help participants be more successful in their primary work. Stakeholders show up because your work is important to them, but it isn’t their first priority — and it shouldn’t be. Show stakeholders you understand their needs without compromising your own, and everyone wins. I help you plan work so each thing you do reinforces multiple outcomes while improving participation.

Network Coaching/Your Network Thought-partner

Supporting an intentional network – or shifting your existing team habits – is messy. You balance needs from funders, members, staff, and external stakeholders. You also face realities of what needs to be done, time, personalities, and politics. Sometimes you or your team just needs a thought partner in navigating the mess. I offer tailored support to you or your team. I am your thought-partner, helping you find resources and thinking through approaches to challenges together.

Task Force & Network-friendly Design/Facilitation

Show your task force or network members that you respect their time and value their contributions. Access group expertise to the fullest through a thoughtfully designed process. Host a series of well-facilitated meetings that build to achieve your goals. I partner with you to identify the most strategic questions. Together we design a series of sessions that meet the convener’s goals and respect participants’ time.

Network Mapping Support

Invest in social network analysis as a powerful tool to augment your collaborative work. Maps can guide activities, highlight opportunities and gaps, serve as a directory, illustrate complex relationships, quantify the sometimes-squishy work of network building for evaluators, and offer leaders powerful access to data. I mentor teams through developing a survey optimized for your goals. I help analyze maps and present results to convey what’s most important. I work with you to design and implement strategies to get the most out of the results. [Note: I do this work in partnership with Greater than the Sum, who provide the technical services to collect and turn data into interactive maps.]

Other Services

  • Systems mapping
  • Facilitation
  • Network weaving workshops

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