Doing Outreach – What Gets Noticed?

Doing outreach for the EnergyScoreCards Minnesota pilot project, our team spent a lot of time developing language and materials to share with the hundreds of owners we were inviting to participate.  Making follow-up phone calls to folks who received electronic outreach, a few comments have surprised me.

One, in particular, stays with me.  The company has a lot of older, master-metered buildings – perfect for getting maximum benefit from the pilot.  “The pictures on the website were of new complexes, so I didn’t think the program was for us.”

EnergyScoreCards Minnesota image

One of the illustrations on the EnergyScoreCards Minnesota site

I’m thankful I persisted in making follow-up calls – they did sign up.  And, it’s a good reminder to me to always step back again and again, to think carefully about the image that is presented, asking, “Can all the folks we hope to reach relate?”