I’m Seeing New Possibilities

image of stairs disappearing into a house

Image Credit: Tom Simon

In my network-supporting work, I encourage others to take the time to reflect. I model that practice when I facilitate meetings and in my projects. Now, I’m diving in even deeper.

This spring I found a new door to walk through. My role with a big project came to an end, and I find I have the space to step back and reflect.

I just started a sabbatical. 

I’m using it to be intentional in refocusing my work. The expanse of possibility I see is exhilarating.

Over the next five months, thanks to the recommendation of my friend and colleague Michael Bischoff, I’m going to modify Appreciative Inquiry‘s model to slow down and consider my plan. I’m inspired by the invitation to “look at the best of what is, in order to imagine what could be,” (citation). It requires me to reflect, to inquire, and invites me to imagine. 

My initial plan looks something like this:

  • April: get bored, allow myself to imagine, make a sabbatical plan
  • May: get clarity on what work excites me, what subject area(s) I want to focus on, and whether people need me to do that
  • June: turn the clarity into a plan
  • July/August: begin to execute the plan, revise as needed
  • September: enjoy the work

Along the way, I’m planning to write more here about what I’ve learned in the last two years, take a few summer trips, spend time with friends and family, and ride my bike.

I’m excited by what I might discover as I explore. Check back for periodic updates on my progress, and on what I learn about Appreciative Inquiry.