Sabbatical Update: An Invitation to Come Play

interactive reading group

It’s more fun to figure things out together. Image credit: U.S. Navy photo by Stephen Murphy

It’s always more fun to figure things out together. I find it results in a better product, too.* In that spirit, I’m convening two sabbatical-related events.

The first is a clearness committee (facilitated by my dear friend Michael Bischoff). That tiny session is intended to help me understand and be more clear in how and where I will focus my work.

The second is a larger group workshop, which I’ve titled “Sabbatical Inquiry: Creating a Healthy Community” (facilitated by another friend and colleague, Lisa Negstad). You’re invited. In the last few weeks, it’s become clearer to me that I want to focus on building a healthy community, to be part of healing my city, righting wrongs grown from an imbalance of power, money, and access.

This clearly encompasses racial justice, transportation and land use, the health of our planet, affordable housing, policing and criminal justice reform, to include a few key topics. It also encompasses how they intersect. I see many examples of people working towards this positive vision of our city’s future. The work I want to do isn’t my work, it’s our work, and includes many people beyond us.

Because it’s our work, not my work, I feel a responsibility to invite (and I crave) input from you. The summit will be an engaging, facilitated session. (Also, four hours on a Saturday in May – but free lunch!)

If that interests you, consider joining us – or sharing it with others who might find it compelling. My personal goal for the summit is to understand how my work can support those larger goals of healing our community and rebalancing power within it.


*when the process is well-managed