Finding your Network’s Purpose

I am in the middle of designing multiple networks this winter. With the Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings (NEWHAB), we’ve been wrestling with how to highlight that resident quality of life is a key motivator, to recognize health benefits, and to be clear about the focus on affordable housing without readers getting stuck […]

Using Events to Close Triangles

I’m supporting an emerging network, one focused on energy efficiency, water, and health in affordable apartment buildings. Recently, we had our first big in-person gathering of network participants. Because networks consist of personal relationships, we incorporated connecting activities. The Closing Triangles Drawing, an idea I got from Beth Tener, was the run-away favorite. First, a […]

How “Thank Yous” Build a Network

I often talk & write about building trust within the networks. Today, I want to take a few minutes to tell you one Thanksgiving-themed thing I’m doing to increase the level of trust in my corner of the world, and I invite you to take five minutes to do it, too.   As I’m looking forward […]

Co-Files and Pollen

I’m honored to have been featured by Pollen in their latest profiles of CoCo members, Co-Files: Part iii.   “So that’s my thing:  pulling different elements together and helping them work as a unit in a really smart way.”   You’ll have to scroll down a bit through the profiles to fine me, but if you […]

Structuring Chaos to Create Action

All-volunteer organizations are tough.  There is often a small core of volunteers ABSOLUTELY committed to the project, wanting help, and wondering where the help is.  That certainly applied (and still applies) to the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition where I volunteer. We’re working to engage more people, and we ARE engaging lots more people.  Of course, with more […]

Matching Resources and Needs

Yesterday, I had the honor of facilitating “Building the Alliance — An Interactive Workshop Weaving our Alliance Network” with Kristin Johnstad of Johnstad and Associates, with planning help from Clarity Facilitation. We started the 75 minutes by highlighting some of the core principles of Network Weaving (closing triangles, listening to understand, and doing small things as […]

How Spaces Matter

There are many reasons I recently partnered up with Lisa Negstad to get a full-time office space at CoCo Minneapolis. High on that list is that the space gives me excuses to expand my professional network.  That’s possible because it feels good – both physically and socially. The way the physical space feels makes me (and hundreds of other […]

It’s About People

In preparing to introduce myself on the NetworkWeaver blog, I have been reflecting on where I’ve been weaving networks throughout my past work. There are a few threads throughout my work. My anthropology training shows through with my focus on inclusiveness when defining stakeholders, especially those folks who frequently find themselves on the edges or outside.  Designing an […]

Network Weaving – Accomplish More, Do Less

For the last nine months, I’ve been exploring a new way of thinking about what I do.  That’s when I went to a workshop on Newtork Weaving, an introduction session to the concept.  I immediately saw ways it could support my work with the Alliance for Healthy Homes and Communities (through Minnesota Green Communities), as well as with the Minneapolis Bicycle […]

Why Anthropology?

While I’m trained as an applied anthropologists, mostly my work is around green building work.  So when one of my green building newsletters came with an article heading, “Anthropologist on the Design Team: The Making of An Unangan Home,” I took notice. Mostly, we anthropologists “pass,” with job titles hat don’t reveal our training.  I […]