Process vs. Product

I recently realized that one of my hobbies provides a perfect example of how I approach my work.  I finished two projects in the last week, a sweater for my mom, and a sweater for myself. How does knitting relate to consulting?  As knitters will tell you, there are two aspects of the hobby:  process […]

EnergyScoreCards Minnesota Launches

I’m excited about today’s launch of EnergyScoreCards Minnesota.  A big, concrete step is being taken to address one of the barriers to improving the utility efficiency in multifamily buildings. I’ve been pondering improving the utility costs of multifamily buildings for what feels like forever – starting in 1996 in my owner-occupied 4-unit home, and affordable […]

Engaging People, Successfully

At Minnesota Green Communities, we’ve been hearing more and more frequent requests for assistance in successfully engaging residents in sustainability living.  Building owners know they – and residents – won’t see the full energy and water efficiency benefits or the health benefits of building green if the residents aren’t on board, too. 

Translating “Expert” into “Homeowner”

After a year of plugging away at an ambitious project, the Green Remodeling Home Guide is live! My task was as expert content adviser to the team, as well as making sure we presented the “whole-building approach” and green building jargon into something accessible to the non-expert homeowner. We had a fantastic team, including intern […]

A Facilitator’s Test

This month, I’ve been trying to figure out how to help colleagues take advantage of people who want to help out.  Basically, helping busy people get the help they want and need.  This is my daily task as the manager of a collaboration and meeting facilitator.  As of a couple weeks ago, I’ve volunteered to do […]

Multi-family Apts. & Energy/Water Efficiency

I have spent countless hours of the last few years thinking about making existing multifamily buildings energy efficient.  The short answer is that it’s very, very hard, because there are so many structural hurdles in the way.  The long answer is finally, I see a glimmer of hope…

What is Flisrand Consulting?

Flisrand Consulting helps teams turn their goals into reality. We foster cities that work for all the people in them, with expertise in housing, sustainability, energy, and transportation. We’ve secured local and state policy changes,and designed implementation that achieves its goals.

An Incredible Invitation

I was invited to my undergraduate alma mater, Luther College, for a one-week residency as a Vocation Visitor. I was on campus April 10-16, 2011. While on campus I gave this talk, spoke in 12 classes, and met with several student clubs, individual students, faculty and staff. The Luxury of Limited Means: The Freedom to […]

Urban Development and Design – and Parking Lots

My various obsessions all fit together into one bigger theme – how urban design creates healthy (or unhealthy) cities.