Pitting Outcome against Process is Pointless

    People talk about Outcome and Process as though they are in opposition to one another. Today, I (again) argue neither works without the other. First, take a moment to reflect on how you approach your every day. Like eating breakfast. We all have low-process default solutions — habits — for outcomes that are part of every day. […]

Matching Resources and Needs

Yesterday, I had the honor of facilitating “Building the Alliance — An Interactive Workshop Weaving our Alliance Network” with Kristin Johnstad of Johnstad and Associates, with planning help from Clarity Facilitation. We started the 75 minutes by highlighting some of the core principles of Network Weaving (closing triangles, listening to understand, and doing small things as […]

What is Flisrand Consulting?

Flisrand Consulting helps teams turn their goals into reality. We foster cities that work for all the people in them, with expertise in housing, sustainability, energy, and transportation. We’ve secured local and state policy changes,and designed implementation that achieves its goals.