This studio apartment is funky, and totally unique, with angles and brick and a glossy floor and color.  It has a large west window looking out on a nectary (plants that attract pollinator insects).  It is L-shaped, divided up to feel like three spaces, with a kitchen on the far end.  It’s tough to get back far enough to take any pictures in this apartment, so here are the best ones possible.

This is the living room.

Living Room

The layout offers as natural separation from the sleeping space, which this tenant reinforced with shelves and a TV.

Living Room towards Bedroom

Here’s the kitchen, and one showing the built-in wood counter on the other kitchen wall.

Kitchen Bench

My favorite thing about the living room is that it looks out on this lovely garden, designed to let in the maximum amount of light.

Here is the bedroom area.


And because I love how shiny it is, the sun glinting off the floor in the hallway.

Shiny Floor

This .pdf shows you the layout of the apartment.

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