The kitchen

The Kitchen


Apartment #2 has hardwood floors throughout. It has a newly remodeled kitchen with a dishwasher. There’s an adjoining dining room, a living room, and a small office.

The living room

The Living Room, Looking to the Sun Room

There are three bedrooms. The largest one opens onto the dining room.

room 2

The Largest Bedroom, a.k.a. the Library

The other bedroom is smaller, recently turned from ’70s emporium to something that fits with the rest of the apartment. It’s in a slightly more private location and closer to the bathroom.

The Southwest Bedroom

The Southwest Bedroom

The bathroom is spacious and has a full-sized tub and shower. It also has a heated floor which is nice and cozy in the wintertime.


The Bath

There’s a covered porch along the front of the apartment, with a hammock and a swing.


The Porch

This .pdf shows you The Layout of the Apartment #2.

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