Virtual Meeting Tips for Relationship Building

I’ve been experimenting with ways to have interactive, relationship-building meetings for attendees spread across the country. One of my favorite so far combines a mix of video calls, Google Forms, phone calls and chat boxes. 

Accessing the Advice of Your Peers

These one-time events are an opportunity to get practical and imaginative help from network members immediately. It’s perfect for people tackling a challenge or new project to get a bit of insight from peers who have useful perspectives or who have done the same thing before. Each event has an “assistee” who shares a challenge, […]

Using Events to Close Triangles

I’m supporting an emerging network, one focused on energy efficiency, water, and health in affordable apartment buildings. Recently, we had our first big in-person gathering of network participants. Because networks consist of personal relationships, we incorporated connecting activities. The Closing Triangles Drawing, an idea I got from Beth Tener, was the run-away favorite. First, a […]