I’m Working for a Healthy City

I focus my skills and time on making my city a healthy city, playing a supporting role to the countless others also doing that work. So what does that mean? I offered a preview of my future work in my previous sabbatical post. As I hinted there, my work will be local, it will explicitly foster “equity,” it will […]

New Ideas Emerging

On a recent Saturday, I offered a four-hour invitation to Come and Think About Hard Things in a facilitated discussion. Read to the end to find out what action I’m taking in response to their support and encouragement. I was honored that 20 members of my professional (and personal) community came out to support me. […]

The Power of the Invitation

  Invitations are powerful. Invitations signify who is invited, and powerfully indicate who is not. Invitations communicate who is valued, who is part of the in-crowd, and who is not. (Do you still remember that third grade birthday party you didn’t get invited to and how it stung? Or the friend who didn’t invite you […]