About Flisrand Consulting

Flisrand Consulting helps teams turn their goals into reality.

We foster cities that work for all the people in them,
with expertise in housing, sustainability, energy, and transportation.

We’ve secured local and state policy changes. 
We’ve designed implementation plans that achieve those policy goals.

Janne Flisrand

Janne Flisrand is our principal consultant.

Janne’s experience is practical. She makes change possible by facilitating teams working in messy settings because she knows the people most affected by a challenge know what they need. She guides those people and groups to identify the outcomes they want, and to forge practical solutions to achieve them.

Janne lives her values. She planted an organic cherry tree when she moved into her fourplex, wanting to grow her own food; now she uses that tree to grow community. By hosting an annual cherry harvest, she connects neighbors, entertains passers-by, offers toddlers and retirees ways to contribute, and inspires attendees to plant their own cherry trees. She brings the same approach to her work.

Janne knows how groups work. She has led direct programs for youth, small community-based nonprofits, statewide policy initiatives, and national networks collaborating on intersecting issues. She’s facilitated small groups and multi-organization collaborations. She co-founded or served on the boards of community-driven organizations dedicated to building better places including Our Streets Minneapolis, streets.mn, and Neighbors for More Neighbors.